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Stuart, Glad to hear your injury recovery continues and you are skiing. Sorry to learn your recovery is not yet complete. It will get better! I do question your statement that The Big Apple is a great place to live for a skier: for museum goers, gourments/gourmands, shoppers, lovers of all the arts, it is a great place to live. For skiers, not so much unless you confuse Van Cortlandt Park with Snowbird (drugs may facilitate this delusion of perception). During the years I lived in NYC I enjoyed “It’s way and means that just won’t let you be”, but as a skier it lacked the means , and the ways meant a long long ways piloting the white knuckle express. (Ever drive a 911 w Baldini Racing Specials up the Taconic Parkway?) Here in Cazenovia NY I continue to mourn the passing of Toggenburg Mt. No recent word from AG James or of the local operators since James initial salvo. Do you have any recent news? Would encourage you to revisit this issues. Happy Holidays and all the best for the coming year - point ‘em down! Dick Kavey

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