Shockingly out of touch. "No good current ski reviewers, snowbird is run well and management to be respected" etc.... Laughable old guy stuff.

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May 22, 2022Liked by Stuart Winchester

Awesome podcast! I learned a ton, with impeccable timing since I'm going to be changing some of my gear this summer as some things are getting pretty old - my skis aren't detaching as reliably as they used to when I wipe out on the slopes, and I attribute that to the age of the bindings and a lack of maintenance on them... I had no idea bindings needed maintenance!

After what happened to your leg Stuart, and my bindings not working like they used to, it really reminded me that I need to check my gear! Especially after listening to this podcast too.

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May 16, 2022Liked by Stuart Winchester

That was a phenomenal podcast, thoroughly enjoyed listening to Jackson---his humor and storytelling are both amazing! I didn't think I would enjoy a podcast about gear, but I thoroughly enjoyed that.

I do chuckle to myself whenever you refer to a 90-120 minute podcast as "long" though... Ever since becoming a fan of Dan Carlin's Hardcore history, anything less than 4 hours seems almost short :-)

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💥💥💥Stuart! This is the most enjoyable article I’ve read anywhere in a long time! Jackson Hogen is a treasure. More more more. His partner in crime in Snowbird Secrets is none other than David Powers, an old friend, ski buddy and founding member of the legendary Snowbird ski bros - THE SIZZLERS. I ran into the sizzlers on a trip to The Bird in the 1970’s, tucked in behind and followed - amazed, and exhausted, that they didn’t stop until we reached the tram plaza, shucked their skis and jogged for the next bus - a swirl of blue and red. Always first Tram and perhaps 6 trams before breakfast at The Forklift at 11:00. You could ask me about our before ski meet up on The Timberhaus beach each day - but I wouldn’t answer.

When I followed Sizzler Kurt Kurtzer letting him pick the line, turn radius and type, I got to the bottom faster and used far less energy than if left to my own device. In those years I spent 3-4 weeks a year at The Bird, most of it with The Sizzlers. They taught this easterner so much about The Bird how to ski a huge mountain covered in white essence. Included where hikes up The Twins and back country descents of 4 grand in White Pine, the hike across the river and hitch hike back to The Bird.

I encourage you to get David Powers contact info from Jackson, interview him and do an article on the Sizzlers to update the one from ski magazine circa 1980’s. Hope your leg continue to heal for it’s coming return to snow. If you ever venture to Labrador or Song it would be a treat to meet and make some turns. I could show you the Secrets of Labrador and Song, but with 580’ vert it’s hard to hide them.

All the best, Dick

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