So, he suggested that he could see a future where there are no day tickets, not just at Bohemia, but in the industry. If that is the case do areas change their approach to a seasons pass where pass holders can resell some percentage of ‘unused’ days? He made multiple comparisons to the sports franchise industry where he got his start, but in that industry seasons pass holders can sell their game tickets on stub hub or through other ‘officially’ licensed vendors.


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I've been waiting for this ever since I've been subscribed. I'm incredibly lucky to have this as one of my home hills (the other being Mont Ripley), and I'm getting kinda spoiled by it.

I think it's interested that they aren't considering surface lifts more. The reasoning makes sense, but with the number of wind holds they get, even a T-bar up one of the front three runs would help on those days. I'm not looking forward the most for the Haunted Valley lift, since it cuts through some really nice trees that stay open really late, but it will be nice to be able to lap the graveyard and the outback a little easier. Also I'm surprised they're only thinking of a triple for the front side. I think a quad would be much better with the lines there and how much more popular the hill is getting.

With snowmaking, I think it could be interesting on one or two runs. Some of the stuff in the bears den could make for the steepest and longest groomers in the midwest, and putting some on Prospector could make for an incredibly long season. If I had to pick a few runs, it'd be Ghost trail, Prospector, and maybe Polar Bear.

I think the main peak on Voodoo would be better for grooming/snowmaking. If you want a long season, that'd be the place for it, and you could easily hit May every season with the amount of snow and the north facing slopes. The terrain on Voodoo looks pretty tame, so that would make more sense for appealing to more intermediates or even beginners.

Finally, one problem with something Lonie said. He claimed that Lake Superior isn't as affected by climate change, when it's actually one of the fastest warming lakes in the world. That may lead to more lake effect due to the lake not freezing over, but I think more rain and wetter snow is in the future.

Thank you so much for this Stuart. This journal is well worth the subscription.

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I think it makes a lot of sense that the 2 year pass is purchased far less often than the one year pass. For starters, you have to double the single year sales of the 2 year pass to get an accurate head count of those with the product. Really there are 2000 people with the pass at any one time out of roughly 16000 pass holders. But I think that most people don’t do the 2 year pass because they have no idea if they can get to Boho on an annual basis. Being from the Madison/Milwaukee area, Boho is a solid 7 hours which means a long weekend is likely needed to make it worth one’s time. Add to the fact that the weather has to cooperate for back to back years to give a large enough window of winter to work with, and it all of a sudden becomes a pretty big logistical challenge to make it up there back to back years. Not to mention if you are going out west you within the year you already have some rad terrain to fall back on. Don’t get me wrong, Boho is awesome. I love how the environment encourages you to push your abilities; however, it is a hard place to get to in back to back calendar years.

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So much fun to listen to. I appreciate the business stories and how positive Lonie was about all all subjects including his competitors. Can't wait to experience it this winter. If it is as good as they say, it opens up a lot more skiing possibilities for me. From Minneapolis, an easy 7 hour drive versus a two day drive over mountain passes to ski the Rockies when towing a camper.

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Oct 26, 2022·edited Oct 26, 2022

My wife and I went for a week last March, we left the ski town we live in and drove 15 hours. We're getting season passes this year. It's absolutely the best terrain I've ever skied. There really is nothing like it, you get to the peak, can ski in any direction, each point of the compass has its own flavor, and Wee Boho will cleanse the palate, amuse the bouche, and have you happily singing the "F my Skis" song.

Couple things:

• I think they do have a rental area, or at least demos. I don't know if you can rent boots, but you can rent Shaggy's skis.

• The Scandanavian spa is new, awesome, and complementary with any lift ticket. The locker rooms are tight, wear a swim suit under base layers in the morning and you're all set. And if you were doing a van life winter, it has showers.

• We did a day on Voodoo, we won't do it again. The pitch isn't there and after a couple days skiing Boho, skiing Voodoo was rather boring.

• This is one of those areas, like Nevados de Chillãn, where the best skiers on the hill are snowboarders. If you ride and want to challenge yourself, improve your skills, come here, hook up with other soft booters, ride with them then buy them beers in the spa after last chair.

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Mount Bohemia is indeed a very special place with a season ticket less than a third of a day ticket at the big boys. Mount Bohemia rocks!

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