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Great analysis. I'll throw in one more for the mix for Southwest skiers. Silverton's early deal on their unguided season is $200 and you can throw in $40 more for a heli run. For an extra $100 you get a decent selection partners, with the most realistic being Monarch and A-bay. This is a great supplemental pass for anyone buying in SW Colorado, Northern NM, or general road trippers who are interested in driving very far from anywhere to get to Silverton.

Separately from the above, speaking as a Taos local, we've got some interesting options. If you're here for the skiing you're buying the Taos pass and probably the Ikon base. For your supplemental you can pick MCP Power pass (Sipapu and Pajarito), Ski Santa Fe (joint pass which also works at Sandia Peak in Abq) or you can do some alliance which gives you days at both Red River and Angel Fire (most likely candidate being Ski Cooper). Other pass options would be Full Epic if you're planning a Telluride trip and / or you want to ski the I 70 corridor for some reason (CB is basically Colorado Taos so not a huge value add). Silverton's unguided pass is a strong contender if you're only planning one big trip and / or you have Ikon base. Finally, Wolf Creek season pass is pricy but basically acts as insurance for a low tide year. I'm still personally deciding but it's fun for me to think through these things and hit my target cost per day. If you're reading this article you're probably in the same boat.

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Sunlight's trail map is gorgeous!

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Am I reading it right that a $99 pass to Mont du Lac is also good as a season pass to Mt Itasca, Chester Bowl, and Coffee Mill? If so you might have to move that in the season pass tracker to regional multi-pass. That is an absolutely incredible deal especially for people in the Duluth area.

Also, this is just thinking out loud, would it make sense for the five Colorado areas listed here to join together on a pass? They already have shared reciprocal tickets with each other, why not make it unlimited to each? They could charge $625 and have a bunch of billboards saying "Save aa dollar, ski independent" as a further jab at Vail and Crested Butte (https://www.skimag.com/news/ski-independent-monarch-mountain/)

Maybe it's just wishful thinking from me wanting those areas to succeed, and a pass to all five would be a great deal for anyone living in the state, not just the Front Range.

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It would be nice if Western NY ski areas got together to offer something. Been a pass holder at Bristol (pricey!) for a few years and the reciprocals are weak/non existent. It would be nice if Kissing Bridge, Song, Greek Peak, Lab, Swain, ect worked something out.

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