Podcast #71: Vail Resorts Executive Chairperson of the Board Rob KatzListen now (97 min) | “The people who ski all of our resorts … need to feel like they are getting a good experience, and if they don’t, then our company…
Podcast #70: Timberline Lodge, Oregon President and Area Operator Jeff KohnstammListen now (87 min) | The family-owned past and enormous future of America’s tallest ski area
A four- or six-place detachable could replace Vail’s most frustrating lift
Podcast #69: Hickory Ski Center, New York Shareholders Corporation President David CronheimListen now (67 min) | "We had to come up with a model to harness the enthusiasm that surrounded the mountain"
And also stop paying employees in onions and potatoes
“Rob changed a company, changed a business practice, added a product, he changed an entire business model, and an industry along with it.”
Podcast #68: Inter-Mtn. Enterprises President and CEO Leah Muirhead MacDonaldListen now (89 min) | Company behind Berkshire East and Bousquet trailmaps builds all the ski-area stuff you never think about
Skiing proves resilient as investment ramps up, the outdoors boom, and the resort-and-pass shuffle resumes
But what happens when She doesn’t?
Podcast #67: Black Mountain of Maine LeadershipListen now (66 min) | "We were going down the path of all small ski areas."
Discount ski pass now delivers two days each at 81 ski areas
“We continue to successfully convert guests from lift tickets to pass products”