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Ski media went rad a long time ago: badasses hucking summersaults off cliffs the height of the Empire State Building. That’s fine - in doses. I’m focused on the lift-served skiing universe where 99 percent of skiers spend 99 percent of their time. I explore the shift to skiing multipasses, the slow consolidation of mountains, the ever-changing landscape of lifts and infrastructure, how the people who run their mountains create (or fail to create) a varied, interesting experience. I love the whole vast universe of lift-served skiing: the sprawling empires of Vail and Alterra and the family-run thousand-footer in the Catskills and the town ropetow with 100 feet of vert. And I love skiing deeply and in a way that I cannot explain. You’ll see that. What I don’t write about is racing or competitions of any kind, pro skiers, gear, weather, food, lodging, backcountry, skiing’s “progression,” or the dirtbag-as-virtuous-soul. My aim with The Storm is that it is consistent, it is relevant, it is entertaining, it is valuable. Join me and I’ll do my best to deliver that.