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May 14, 2022Liked by Stuart Winchester

Great podcast as always. I wonder how many people would add on an Indy pass if you didn't have to purchase the unlimited pass to your home mountain. My home mountain's unlimited season pass is almost double the next tier down which blocks out a total of 13 days. I can't justify doubling my costs locally for 13 days (I likely wouldnt go anyway), but then dont have the option of adding on the indy pass at a discount. Probably doesnt make financial sense to allow it, but oh well.

I think Indy makes sense to get every couple years just to explore the 6 or so resorts within driving distance and maybe a road trip. To stay up to date on any changes or improvements and just for changes of scenery its a great option, but I haven't yet felt the need to get it again since the 2020-2021 season.

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