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An excellent interview, but not surprising considering the subject and who was interviewed. Well done. The fixed grip chairs are fine. Let's the older skiers rest their legs.

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Great Podcast, Stuart! I skied here last weekend (Sunday, April 10) after 3-5 inches of snow on top of ice from a warm day before and it was fantastic. It being a Powder Day Sunday, it was not busy. I think that this is because of the pass sales practices you discussed. I am looking forward to the Lenawee upgrade to a high-speed 6 pack, mostly because of the wind exposure to this lift alignment results in quite frigid blasts and sometimes frequent lift stops.

The Vail purchase and anti-trust saga is quite fascinating and I am glad you guys spent some time on this transition and pass combinations.

In regards to your question about lodging I believe that the restriction is based on the Forest Service ownership of the lands at the base, and majority of the mountain (aside from a few small mining claim sections). Avalanche risks to the east and west on Highway 6 are also likely causes to the dearth of lodging at this elevation.

There are several pull-offs on the highway I frequently see campers, vans, etc. parked used as overnight lodging.

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Great Podcast & Article! I was actually sold on going to A-Basin one of these years even before this article & podcast came out, due to the time you interviewed Jeff Kohnstamm and he described Mt. Hood Ski Bowl as "The A-Basin of Oregon" or something like that. That quote alone actually made me research A-Basin and add it to my bucket list before this article and podcast came out, lol

I love Mt. Hood Ski Bowl, so if A-Basin is like a larger version of that with Colorado powder, I'm already sold.

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It had lodging: those of us who used to sleep in the parking lot.

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