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Wow! What rude comments about Midwest skiing.

“The average Midwest ski area has 10 chairliAs serving 10 runs on 200 vertical feet next to a K-Mart. If these are ski resorts, then the Playschool slide my 5-year-old keeps in our backyard is Disney World.“

You write you are focused solely on skiing but the interview sheds no light on the most important aspect of Midwest skiing, snowmaking. The other Northern Michigan resorts are able to get 100% open while the Highlands gets fully open about 6 weeks later.

How many guns does Highlands have? Are they increasing their water capacity? How many gallons per minute is their water system? They are building a bowling alley and a spa, but when are they going to get the snow system up to standard?

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Nice to hear the color on everything going on there right now and the plans for the future. I appreciate the name a lot more now that the emphasis seems to be on just "The Highlands" and "at Harbor Springs" is just an afterthought for the logo, etc. Will be interesting to see if they really are serious about the lift upgrades. Plenty of Boyne 10-year plans have come and gone with a lot less done than envisioned, but things do seem different now.

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Thanks for this. The Highlands is one of the few places I haven't visited since moving to MI 20+ years ago, the reason being I've been skunked by poor grooming and lousy conditions at Boyne Mountain on several occasions. Whenever we get go that far north we end up deciding to make it Nubs due to the fantastic grooming and pre-night re-groom they do every day. It's good to hear the grooming at The Highlands may be better that what I've experienced at Boyne Mountain. Maybe I'll finally give it a try. (And Boyne owners, if you're reading this; at the prices you charge, your grooming should be *much* better than what I've experienced in the past.)

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