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Always great to hear from people/companies who aren't the prominent faces of skiing but are still critical to the ski industry.

I'm a bit of a trail map addict myself so I went poking around on skimap to look for some more Inter Mountain created maps. I happened upon Grouse Mountain BC (which Inter Mountain didn't do) and I think it's the best "overlay a photograph" trail map I've ever seen ( https://skimap.org/data/58/1/1322064658.png ). Interestingly, up until a decade ago they had a map done by Niehues. For whatever reason (nothing really changed) they scrapped that one and went with the current one. Anyway, if you're looking for a newsletter topic in a slow part of the calendar, building off of part of your discussion with Leah, I think highlighting the different major/mid-major trail map creation companies and the different styles would be really interesting.

Great job as always.

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Thank you. Yes I think that would be a great topic, as most folks (myself included), don't know much about the field beyond Niehues.

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