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Discovered Black Mt. 8 years ago introducing my 4 yr daughter to skiing. I was blown away by the friendly old school ski vibe. It felt like My. Abram in the early 70's when I learned to ski. The uphill terrain is awesome. No lines on powder days. I've been waiting for the masses to show up but it hasn't happened thankfully. Black Mountains unbelievably affordable life tickets has made skiing a reality for my family. Thanks to all the good people who have made Black Mt a wonderful ski experience. God bless! ✌️

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Nice interview! Great to hear the basics of how the ski area operates as well as the things that make them unique. Seems like Black Mountain has more going on than many ski areas 2-3 times its size.

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Great place for skiing

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Great podcast Stuart. I didn't realize Black Mountain had 600 acres of terrain (from their website). A lot of information online shows it much smaller. Time for more research on this gem. As a Super-Fan of Plattekill and Magic, this sounds just about perfect.

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Thank you Stuart for your time and promotion getting the word out that BMOM is an affordable and interesting adventure for all abilities. We'd be more than happy to show you the goods sometime. Roger and Deanna did a wonderful job outlining the mountains history and character.

A point of clarification; the pod was essentially silent in regards to the unique access to backcountry just beyond the property lines, and directly off from the Osekare uphill trail. We have collaborated with the Granite Backcountry Alliance and have developed an expansive backcountry glade network encompassing over 8 miles on multiple land owners properties upon the backside of Black Mountain and Rumfotd Whitecap, a known long standing BC zone with descriptions found in Dave Goodman's original edition of New England backcountry skiing.. In recent years the Mahoosuc Land Trust was instrumental in developing these incrediible zones and enhancing runout for ease of access (relatively speaking). This is an important part of BMOM's business model as we attract skiers from distant lands to seek out this raw and wild terrain. More information can be gleened by checking out the details on the "Black & White" glade over here;


Note: The GBA trailmap is much like that of BMOM's in the sense that its coming in hot and in need of updating due to heavy handed work.

Shameless plug, please check out our active facebook group to get the skinny on all things BMOM;


Thank you again Stuart,

Jeff Marcoux & The Angry Beavers of Black Mountain

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