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While I moved to Oregon not long ago for the skiing and hiking, I grew up in Massachusetts and learned to ski at Wachusett. The last time I was back at Wachusett was the last year of the Max Pass, and even before that I would typically drive further from Boston to Sunapee, Cannon, or Sunday River to go skiing. Like many, I am a proud member of the Wachusett diaspora!

Every weekend after I turned five, my dad would bring me to Wachusett for lessons. He would ski for part of the day and then hang out in the lodge with other parents until lessons finished. As I got older, I joined the development team and later the race team. Children from the Crowley family were on the same teams as me, but despite their family's status they were humble and treated just like everybody else.

It's so impressive how well Jeff and the family have run the place. They make a lot from a little. The future of the sport depends on places like Wachusett thriving so they can train the next generation of skiers. I'm happy that they have had such overwhelming success, and are able to be successful without being on a multipass product.

Despite this being a long conversation, I listened all the way to the end. If you have memories of Wachusett like me, you are going to love this episode. And if you don't, you will still enjoy it and learn a lot from Jeff. It's unfortunate that the receiver did not take the Crowley's offer for Jay Peak, it would have been everyone's privilege for the family to be stewards of that great mountain.

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A little harsh on "these environmental groups" eh? Skiers are environmentalists too. We all appreciate a clean view.

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Loved the interview! Too bad they were not successful in their bid to acquire Jay Peak, as they would be excellent operators of what is essentially a 4-season hospitality business. One thing that you missed in your interview is the volume of traffic that Wachusett gets that does not ski. I suspect that's not an insignificant part of their success, keeping the folks who don't ski but are stuck there for a few hours with those who do, happy.

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That's an interesting point.

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Shame on me for missing this when it was on the Max Pass. Maybe this will be the year I get to try the donuts at Bullocks. Loved the part of the podcast about Jay Peak and other potential acquisitions. It also sounds like Jeff Crowley has done a great job keeping the environmentalists happy at the same time maintaining a fun trail network. From reading the accounts of protracted legal battles between Preston Smith at Killington and local environmental groups/political leaders over expansion plans, it is no easy task. Kudos to Mr. Crowley. Another terrific podcast Stuart!

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