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Stuart, you should have stopped him. Did he say he was writing a "manuscript" about himself? Why? Such self regard.

It was all about how great he was and is, out of his mouth. Hardly ever did he talk about the skiing experience, just, eh, marketing, And he went into that market share vs. growth argument, well, guess what, he was in the business when it grew dramatically! Just like his surfing metaphor, ride the wave. And compliment your boss as yo get paid well. But what almost enraged me was his kind talk about Les Otten, who almost killed my 30 year eastern hill, where eI learned and still seriously ski, Killington. All done with one of the greatest grifts in the ski industry, time shares (and they were times shares, don't start with that "fractional" stuff), and personally walking away with a small fortune before bankruptcy and the carnage. And this guy was his chief time share salesman, right? How much did he get? And he has no regrets about it. Not good. And now he's graduating kids from college under his own academic programs that are no doubt handing down this stuff to the future! Eh.

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