The comment on the first glade in the Midwest got me looking.

Southern Comfort Glade shows up for the first time on the 1997 trail map for Nub's Nob.

Pine Mountain has a trail called "East Glade" on their 1987 map, but I'm not sure if it's a real tree run or just the name. Looking at it on other maps it seems like it has some really wide spaced trees which could be considered a tree run.

Marquette Mountain has tree runs on their map starting in 2000 (but 95-99 aren't on skimap.org).

I didn't see any others in the Midwest before 2000, but that's only from looking at skimap.org

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Sep 7, 2021Liked by Stuart Winchester

Loved the podcast as always. Don't feel bad about not having the updated expansion plans. I follow Lutsen very closely and this is the first time I've seen them. I'm pretty sure they haven't been publicly available until, well.... now.

One thing that Skinner got wrong (he probably just misspoke) was when he said the Moose mountain ridge has been only built out 75%. It's the opposite. The Moose mountain ridge has only been built out 25%.

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