Podcast #5: Lift Blog Founder Peter Landsman

Listen now (50 min) | The Storm Skiing Podcast #5 | Download this episode on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn,and Pocket Casts | Read the full overview at skiing.substack.com. Who: Peter Landsman, Founder and Editor of Lift Blog Why I interviewed him: One of the most disappointing aspects of the rad ski mags’ drift toward backcountry stoke over the past couple decades has been the corresponding decrease in focus on resort skiing and all that comes with it. I’m a resort skier and always have been, and the stories animating each mountain’s lift fleet have always been a draw for me. But as the media’s institutional reverence for icons like the Jackson Hole tram or the KT-22 Express have faded, I’ve had to seek out other sources to sustain my interest in lift mythology. What I found in Lift Blog is not just a caretaker deeply invested in this history, but thorough and up-to-date lists on new and proposed lift projects (

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