Bluewood is a great ski area. I spent a lot of time there teaching snowboarding in 2000-2009. There was a lot of great glades and tree runs.

It would be good to see them widen some of the runs like country road and tamarack.

I am not sure if night skiing would provide the most return. It's a 60 minute drive to Walla Walla and 100-120 minutes to Tri-Cities. People aren't likely to stay until 10:00PM. It may be better to stay open later on Saturdays in late February & March.

It would be fun to see them build a natural selection style terrain park. Bluewood has a lot of fun natural features that could be really fun with a little bit of attention.

I would make on hill improvements in 5 phases

Phase 1: Snowmaking in the easy rider, waterworks and nickel bowl. These areas would benefit from this early season in a low snow year.

Phase 2: Replace the Skyline "express" with a high speed quad. Necessary improvement and people would get excited about the changes.

Phase 3: Develop the Manila Springs pod. Cut the runs and build the lodge one summer, then install the lift the next summer.

Phase 4: Replace Triple Nickel

Phase 5: Build a lift up Vintners Ridge. This has been a dream for many years, even if it takes 20 years to get to this phase, vintners was still accessible by cat/hiking. A skyline upgrade and manila springs chair would have more impact.

With improvements like this it could move from a small hill with aging infrastructure to a modern mid size ski area.

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Bluewood is my closest ski area, and it’s great. The reputation for great tree skiing is accurate. The spacing is good, there’s usually good snow, and it’s not so steep that only the very best expert skiers can handle it.

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This pod has inspired me to add a roadtrip to Bluewood and Mission next year. Haven’t skied Mission since the 80s. Looking forward to that pod as well. Thanks Stuart.

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I moved to Spokane in 2020 and have racked up 200ish ski days in the inland northwest since then. I've yet to make it down to Bluewood, but at every ski area here, when the conversation turns to Bluewood people immediately talk about how great the tree skiing is.

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