Thanks for the love for Pico. There are so many lifts placed in weird places, the one that always takes the cake for me is Birch Glade Chairlift at Pico. At least Devils Fiddle Quad was for a failed plan lol

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Ok. First, the Pico talk more at the beginning was...interesting. (Long time Killington skier here, learned there, many many days). It seems that this executive basically gave very little monetary worth to the place. Literally said it was worth less than one major chair upgrade. Huh. How did he come to this valuation? Comps to other "small" Vt. Hills? But, this ain't any small Vt. hill. It sits right next to Killington. Right there. All it would take is two to maybe three lifts, and, bam, whole new area with nice trees and some steeps, and, of course, Pico. Squaw swallowed Alpine Meadows, why isn't this happening? This has been a topic for a few decades now among locals and K skiers, and the question wasn't even approached. C'mon. Is it dead? Maybe. And I'll bet I know why. The Village! Why invest maybe a billion into Stratton II, (unused and unloved), and then encourage skiers to not even go near the village and park lower down on Rt.4. Duh. So, therefore, Powdr wants RE and retail revenue concentrated at the "Village". But, you know, in the end, probably won't work that way. It will evolve into the same sort of mish mash. Hopefully, they don't kill Pico in the process, although they may try. Shame. Don't ski there, but it would be cool with the connect, I bet.

He let something slip fast. He basically said Powdr execs just visit during the WC. Surprise. I blame them for that money suck. A million dollars a year, and zero cash revenue. Just for a party for self important Park City execs. And he has the nerve to say early October snowmaking is a waste of money for a marketing badge. Well, how about all the money they spend on the WC that I, for the life of me, never see a single benefit. They spen more on marketing mud bumps in May than the WC, anyway. Not one question about that.

Btw, I don't ski early Oct. Maybe November. But, that's WC time.

Good luck to Killington. It's a great Eastern mountain with a lot of variety. I always tell people that, if you have to drive a whole day to get to Vermont, it's always the best skiing on that day in the state, unless it snowed a lot, and then, who knows. Actually, it's a lame powder mountain, because the crowds turn it into bumps in two hours on a Friday. If the trees are ripe, escape there. I hope they don't turn it into Okemo, but, I always have my doubts.

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Pico’s KA is named for Karl Acker.

From Newenglandskihistory:

Also in 1938, the Meads recruited Karl Acker from Switzerland to become the Pico ski school director.

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