I really enjoyed this interview, however you should have pressed harder when he said that a double black diamond at Mountain Creek would not reopen. If you read between the lines, he is implying that the clientele is not smart enough to ski within their ability.

The last time I visited Mountain Creek was during that January 2016 blizzard. I was talking with some operations manager on the cabriolet and asked if they glade any trees because they were tight to ski in, and the guy said that they don't even allow skiing in the INBOUNDS trees, and he gave the same reason about the clientele that you got in the interview. While most ski areas have opened up glades and have eased tree and uphill terrain access to allow more adventure, Mountain Creek has done the opposite.

One striking memory of Mountain Creek was they had these giant funnels under the lift that connect to dumpsters, so people could toss trash off the chairlift. I've never seen anything like that anywhere else, and yet the place was still dirtier and had more litter on the slopes than anywhere else I've skied. You should have asked him if they plan on doing anything about their customers' behavior and littering, since unless something big has changed in the last four years, Mountain Creek's reputation seems well-deserved. If I ever go back there, it would only be at night or if someone else pays for my lift ticket.

Keep it up though, I've gotten hooked on this since the Kircher interview.

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Hey! Loved this podcast, especially the part about Big Snow! I would love to hear a podcast concerning Saddleback Maine and Arctaris Impact Fund. Just an idea though...

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I think a podcast with Smugglers' Notch would be very interesting. They seem to fly under the radar. Would be curious about how they see themselves in the New England skiing ecosystem and what their strategy is for the future. Hope you can pull it off! Great job with all the other interviews so far!

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