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Hi Stuart,

I don't know how to contact you except for here. Do you know anything about the sale of the Crotched Mountain Resort? It has been a Shell Vacations/RCI timeshare, but the timeshare owners just voted to let it be sold because management says it's no longer viable as a timeshare. I'm wondering if Vail is an interested party.

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A fantastic podcast! I'm looking at going to the Andes next summer, and honestly one of the hardest pieces to figure out is deciphering information clearly not directed at Americans (what's a hectare? what is a "red" trail on the trailmap? best time of year for snow conditions? etc.) and the inclusion of tourist-y questions was awesome, as they hit pretty much all of my pain points.

While Las Leñas might be taller (~3k vertical feet) and Nevados de Chillán considerably snowier (400+ inches of snow), the ease of access to Valle Nevado will probably end up being the determining factor for me---many non-stop flight options from the US to Santiago followed by a no-rental-car-needed experience. Vs most of the others, which involve layovers to fly into much smaller airports and flight times that are far less than ideal. Add in the ability to ski to La Parva or El Colorado for variety, and Valle Nevado is an extremely compelling option. I certainly hope MCP invests in it as much as they've done with their other resorts in the past!

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Thanks so much. I am really impressed with MCP's approach overall. It will be super interesting to see how they keep evolving their resorts as they acquire more without spreading themselves too thin. Have fun down there!

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