Great podcast. Future plans appreciated. One detail I missed is how are beginners supposed to get up to Rip's ride? As far as I could tell last week, it's still an uphill walk. Is there a plan for something else? Comments/defense of T-Bar were amusing. Some things are forever.

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Another great episode. It's great to dig in a bit on the uncomfortable questions.

Some data in regards to the bar on the chairlift: of the five active SoCal resorts since 2000 there have been 52 reported chairlift accidents. Of those, 44 accidents were people falling out of the chair. Could a bar have prevented those? Some of them no (bar down is explicitly called out), but I suspect a safety bar could have prevented many of the accidents ("Patron did not sit back as instructed by lift operator. Fell 25 feet." or "Patron was riding with 2 friends. Patron leaned forward, rotated right in the carrier and slipped. He grabbed friend and they both fell 36 feet landing in groomed snow below.")

Personal anecdata supports the conclusion that bar usage is very low here.

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