Wow, this story sounds like if it was a movie it could win best documentary. Definitely my favorite episode of the Storm. I have always wanted to ski White Cap because of that goofy three peaks shown as four map, and now I that I know more I will have to prioritize it highly. I did stop by in the summer and thought it was one of the strangest ski areas because you could only see part of one run from the base, the hill was basically hidden. I was also told by someone working at Ashwabay that summer that the skiing at White Cap is so good because it comes down to the unique geology which creates good pitches and interesting terrain features in the Gogebic Range.

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This is the best episode. I cried in the car, so much emotion that really shows how much these places mean to people.

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Apr 6, 2023Liked by Stuart Winchester

An instant classic. Definitely one of your all time top 5 podcasts; possibly number 1. Such a unique and interesting story. Looking forward to seeing what's in store for Whitecap in the future.

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Apr 6, 2023Liked by Stuart Winchester

Stuart & David:

Great podcast! The combination of the emotion, David’s passion, and the life, leadership, and perseverance lessons make this one standout.

Your assessment about the special character and unique beauty of the Whitecap area is on the mark. I first skied Whitecap circa 1975 as a youngster and keenly recall the family friendly atmosphere, the rugged terrain, memorable Lake Superior views, and the feeling I could get lost in that place. I returned this past February on a spectacular bluebird Tuesday and those same feelings and memories came flooding back. The restored chairs on the old double chair by the wine hut with the beautiful varnished hardwood seats were evidence of the care being invested back into the facilities.

I was silently thanking David for his vision, sacrifices, and passion to keep Whitecap open. It’s a gem and has the character and vibe to keep pulling one back for more.

I enjoyed hearing about David’s plans to upgrade the lift and snowmaking infrastructure and know those investments will pay dividends.

I will do my part to encourage others to sample what Whitecap has to offer.

Keep up the good work and best wishes.

Scott Valitchka

Neenah, WI

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Apr 5, 2023Liked by Stuart Winchester

That was my favorite pod of yours so far.

I'm a Boho skier who went to Whitecap for the first time this winter and let me tell you, the place really is magical. It has the feel of almost a winter fairy tale. The skiing is fantastic (though not as long of runs as out most other places) as well as the snow. It's an easy place to get lost in, but not too lost. The lifts are slow, but beautiful (especially the one with wooden seats).

It's a shame you didn't get to go to the Wine Hut while you were there. It has the best vibe of any ski building I've been in. A fire roaring out front, wood stove inside, hot wine, as well as a full service bar, and a hot dog cookin, cowboy hat wearin bartender. The roof sag and the smell inside make it even more special.

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I think you may have just shown me my retirement home. Surely they could use a 66-year old feller on his 63rd season to do something in return for room and board for me and my dog...

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