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Stuart, Bromley is indeed a rare prize although my memories from the mid 1950’s I’m sure have little resemblance to the current operation. On my early visits Bromley was a forest of J Bars and perhaps a rope somewhere at the bottom. No chairlift no T Bars. Fred Pabst’s fondness for the J Bar goes unexplained although perhaps he had imbibed enough PBR he couldn’t envision an appendage to the J. In a demonstration of latency age looney I waited for the main slope to clear, dropped into a tuck, and sent fast enough that my eyes watered through my goggles sufficiently to close down vision. When I reached to the flat area at the bottom I turned into a stop. I learned and never did this again. As I recall at the bottom I was blasting past the occasional skier w warp closing speed. I refrained from revealing my exploit to my parents.

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