Best run Oh my goat with 2 feet of fresh untracked powder

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Sep 2, 2021Liked by Stuart Winchester

Stuart, your writing and research clearly comes from a skier's heart. This is very well done. Thank you!

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Aug 8, 2021Liked by Stuart Winchester

Great eulogy for Toggenburg, as sad as it may be. I read it twice. On my Indy Pass trip to Greek Peak (loved it) this year I stopped by Labrador and Song. Both had a cool vibe but seemed to be suffering from underinvestment so I get the decision to consolidate and refocus resources. On the flip side there are rumblings that Hickory may re-open and look what has happened to Bosquet. I'd wait awhile before I had the headstone for Toggenbug carved.

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Aug 7, 2021Liked by Stuart Winchester

Great article - thank you!

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Aug 6, 2021Liked by Stuart Winchester

If nothing else, I'm sure you're happy now that you made the drive.

Incredible piece Stuart. Very sad to see Tog gone.

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