Feb 23, 2022Liked by Stuart Winchester

I think this is absolutely terrific. Cannot wait for it to debut.

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Heading to Big Sky in early April so will check this out. I hope there is still snow there that time of year

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Feb 16, 2022Liked by Stuart Winchester

Part of me wishes Boyne was public so we could pump money into this great company and obliterate Vail. Just completely force them out of existence so Boyne could buy their resorts and rehabilitate them into the gems that Boyne resorts are.

I wonder though if they got too big, they too would become evil like Vail but for now they are crushing it.

And if anybody from Boyne is reading, please replace crest at Brighton with a 6 or 8 pack. The resort would be perfect with just a little more uphill capacity when the lot is full :)

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