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Everyone’s searching for skiing’s soul. I’m trying to find its brains.

Ski media went rad a long time ago: badasses hucking summersaults off cliffs the height of the Empire State Building. That’s fine - in doses. I’m focused on the lift-served skiing universe where 99 percent of skiers spend 99 percent of their time. I explore the shift to skiing multipasses, ski area consolidation, lifts and infrastructure, and how the people who run their mountains create (or fail to create) a varied, interesting experience. I love the whole vast universe of lift-served skiing: the sprawling empires of Vail and Alterra and the family-run thousand-footer in the Catskills and the town ropetow with 100 feet of vert. And I love skiing deeply and in a way that I cannot explain. You’ll see that. What I don’t write about is racing or competitions of any kind, pro skiers, gear, weather, food, lodging, backcountry, skiing’s “progression,” or the dirtbag-as-virtuous-soul. My aim with The Storm is that it is consistent, it is relevant, it is entertaining, it is valuable. Join me and I’ll do my best to deliver that.


Stuart Winchester 
Everyone's searching for skiing's soul. I'm trying to find its brains.