Here Is What (Almost) Every Ski Area in 9 Northeast States Is Charging for a 2020-21 Season Pass

Including which ones have payment plans and free days at partner mountains


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When I was writing last Sunday’s post documenting the Northeast trend of introducing season pass payment plans and pushing early-bird renewal deadlines, I kept thinking, “wouldn’t it be awesome if there was just a chart that listed every single season pass price in the Northeast and when the deadline is for the best price?” Deciding that it would be, I made that chart. Then I figured out that Substack couldn’t support charts, so I converted it into a list, which you can browse below. I did end up dropping the chart here, if you’re a chart person and want to see it. I wanted to keep this as simple as possible, with just the cost of a pass and the early-bird deadline, but I did include additional details where appropriate. Some notes on what I included and why:

  • Many mountains have instituted (or already had), payment plans, and I wanted to note which ones. This is indicated by “PP” below, after the ski area’s early-bird deadline date.

  • Given my conviction that independent Northeast ski areas need to move to a Western-style model of cheap passes and form coalitions with reciprocal free lift tickets for one another’s passholders in order to battle Vail’s $599 Northeast Epic hand grenade, I also noted any free partner days included with the pass. I did not include discount tickets, because I do not find those an incentive to buy - I want the pass itself to be the full investment.

  • All prices are for adult passes with no blackouts – most ski areas offer a range of passes, from child to senior to young adult, with many demographics in-between. Since every mountain defines these categories differently, it would be too unwieldy to document every one. But in just about every case, the adult full-access pass is the most reliable baseline for gauging a resort’s approach to pass pricing in general, even if the age range used to define “adult” varies somewhat from ski area to ski area.

  • For the purposes of this chart, the “Northeast” is defined as the six New England states plus New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

  • I did not for the most part include private ski areas, even if they offer midweek skiing to the public.

  • For ski areas that have not yet posted their 2020-21 rates, I’ve used the last advertised rate for the latest available season and placed that information in italics. If last season’s early-bird rates are still visible on their site, I’ve posted that, along with the 2019 (or whatever year), deadline to take advantage of that rate. In cases in which the deadline is a forthcoming date, but the page still advertises 2019-20 passes! I’ve assumed that the content manager simply forgot to update the date and I have classified these as 2020-21 rates.

  • For mountains whose season pass is a megapass, I have pointed to the lowest-tier pass that offers no-blackout access as that mountain’s season pass. Since the $599 Epic Northeast Value Pass is the no-blackout season pass at Wildcat, that is listed as its season pass, even though that ski area is also unlimited on the Epic Local and full Epic Pass. Mount Snow, however, has blackouts on the Northeast Value Pass, so I list its season pass as the Epic Local Pass, which is the lowest tier pass that provides no-blackout access to that mountain.

  • All sales are final in almost every case. When Alterra stuck by its you’re-SOL-if-we-shut-down-again policy in its revamped 2020-21 Ikon Pass offerings earlier this week, it all but guaranteed that smaller ski areas would follow. Magic, however, does promise a full or partial 2021-22 season credit “if the government closes ski areas,” and Jay Peak is offering “no-questions asked refunds” up to Oct. 1. Buyer beware everywhere else.

  • To compile the lists of ski areas in each state, I relied mostly on

  • I’ve documented current (as of April 17), 2020-21 season pass prices for more than 130 ski areas below - I surely missed something or made an error. By all means send me corrections and I will update the post and the Google chart.


N/A = deadline date for best pass price is not available

PP = payment plan available

Italics indicate price is for a past season, not 2020-21


Berkshire Summit Pass: $479, 5/31, PP, unlimited Berkshire East and Catamount

Greekenburg: $575, 4/30, unlimited Greek Peak and Toggenburg

Highlands Pass: $630, 6/15, unlimited Hidden Valley, Seven Springs, Laurel Mountain

Judge Pass: $829, 6/8, PP, unlimited Jay and Burke, 2 days at Saddleback

Labrador/Song: $469, 4/17, unlimited Labrador and Song

New England Pass - Platinum: $1549, June, PP, unlimited Sunday River, Sugarloaf, Loon + an Ikon Base Pass + 3 days each at Boyne’s 6 western mountains

New England Pass - Gold: $1169, June, PP, unlimited Sunday River, Sugarloaf, Loon + 3 days each at Boyne’s 6 western mountains

Northeast Value Pass: $599, N/A, unlimited Wildcat, Attitash, Sunapee, Crotched, Jack Frost, Big Boulder, Whitetail, Liberty, Roundtop, Boston Mills, Brandywine, Mad River, Alpine Valley (OH), Mt. Brighton; blacked-out Okemo, Mount Snow, Hunter; 10 blacked-out days Stowe

NY Ski3 Pass: $759, 8/12, PP, unlimited Belleayre, Gore, Whiteface

White Mountain Super Pass: $979, 5/31, unlimited Bretton Woods, Cannon, Cranmore, Waterville Valley

I did not include the Ikon Pass above because it has no Northeast-specific variant. I did not include Indy Pass or Mountain Collective because these are not season passes.


Mohawk : $559, 10/31/19, N, 2019-20 price

Mount Southington: $550, 10/31/19, N, 2019-20 price

Powder Ridge: $392, 9/30

Ski Sundown: $550, 10/31, PP          


Big Rock: $420, N/A, 2019-20 price

Big Squaw: $250, N/A, 2019-20 price

Black Mountain of Maine: $360, 7/31, Rumford resident pass $320

Camden Snow Bowl: $529, N/A, 2019-20 price, Camden resident pass $459

Hermon Mountain: $385, N/A, 2019-20 price

Lonesome Pine Trails $205, 12/16, 2019-20 price

Lost Valley: $395, 5/25, Advertises Freedom Pass, unclear if still valid

Mt. Abram: $609, N/A, 2019-20 price

Mt. Jefferson Ski Area*: $250, N/A, 2019-20 price – did not operate

Saddleback: $699, 5/8, PP, 2 days Jay Peak

Shawnee Peak: $695, 4/21, PP          

Sugarloaf: $1169, June, PP, see Gold and Platinum New England Passes above

Sunday River: $1169, June, PP, see Gold and Platinum New England Passes above

Titcomb Mountain: $185, 12/14/19, PP, 2019-20 price


Berkshire East: $479, 5/31, PP, includes season pass to Catamount

Blue Hills: $329, 10/31/19, 2019-20 price

Bousquet: $399, N/A, 2019-20 price

Butternut: $299, 8/31 

Catamount: $479, 5/31, PP, includes season pass to Berkshire East

Jiminy Peak: $869, N/A, PP  

Mt. Greylock Ski Club: $150, 10/31/15, *2015-16 price, but club appears active

Nashoba Valley: $650, N/A, Pass not available until fall

Otis Ridge: $159, 8/31           

Ski Bradford: $530, 10/15/19, 2019-20 price

Ski Ward: $450, 7/31/19, 2019-20 price

Wachusett: $599, N/A, 3 days each at Sunlight (CO), Taos (NM)


Abenaki, $160, N/A, Residents pass $70

Arrowhead: $120, 12/1/19, 2019-20 price

Attitash: $599, N/A, PP, see Epic Northeast Value Pass above

Black Mountain: $499, 5/31, advertises Freedom Pass, unclear if still valid

Bretton Woods: $839, 4/20, also see White Mountain Super Pass above

Campton Mountain: $125*, N/A, *only available to Waterville Estates members

Cannon: $729, 6/30, resident pass $546; also see White Mountain Super Pass above

Cranmore: $659, 5/31, PP, also see White Mountain Super Pass above

Crotched: $599, N/A, PP, see Epic Northeast Value Pass above

Dartmouth Skiway: $465*, N/A, 2019-20 price; 2020-21 on sale in Sept.

Granite Gorge: $129, N/A, unclear if these figures are for 2020-21

Gunstock: $519, 5/10, PP       

Kanc Recreation Area : $30, N/A, 2018-19 rates

King Pine: $499, 6/1  

Loon: $1169, June, PP, see Gold and Platinum New England Passes above

McIntyre: $259, 5/1, advertises Freedom Pass, unclear if still valid

Mount Sunapee: $599, N/A, PP, see Epic Northeast Value Pass above

Pats Peak: $469, 5/3, PP        

Ragged: $299, 5/3, PP, unlimited Powderhorn, Wisp; restricted Wintergreen; 7 days Mt. Washington Alpine in British Columbia

Tenney: $289, N/A

Waterville Valley: $897*, 5/31, also see White Mountain Super Pass above

Whaleback: $399, N/A, unclear if these are 2020-21 prices

Wildcat: $599, N/A, PP, see Epic Northeast Value Pass above


Campgaw: $259, N/A

Mountain Creek: $259, N/A


Beartown: $230, 12/15/18, *2018-19 is last posted price

Belleayre: $629, 8/12, PP, also see NY Ski3 Pass above

Brantling: $290, 10/31, unclear if these are 20/21 prices

Bristol: $785, 4/15, PP          

Cazenovia Ski Club: $450, 4/30        

Cockaigne: $465, N/A, 2019-20 price – did not operate

Four Seasons: $165, N/A, unclear if these are 20/21 prices

Gore: $759, 8/12, PP, unlimited Belleayre, Whiteface; see NY Ski3 Pass above

Greek Peak: $550, 4/30, 1 weekday Holiday Valley; 2 days West Mountain; advertises Freedom Pass but unclear if still valid

Holiday Mountain: $265, 10/31/19, 2019-20 price

Holiday Valley: $960, 4/30, 1 weekday Swain, Hunt Hollow, Greek Peak, Toggenburg, West

Hunter: $729, N/A, PP, Epic Local Pass access

Kissing Bridge: $555*, 10/1, *site says $495; click through to purchase is $555

Labrador: $469, 4/17, unlimited access to Song Mountain

Maple Ski Ridge: $269, 10/31, unclear if these are 20/21 prices

McCauley: $259, 12/1/19, 2019-20 price, Specific free days Gore, Whiteface, Titus, Mt. Pisgah

Mount Peter: $239, 4/30        

Oak Mountain: $329,  7/31/19, 2019-20 price

Peek’n Peak: N/A, 11/1/19, 2019-20 date

Plattekill: $669, 4/30, 3 days Homewood, Ski Cooper, Lee Canyon

Royal Mountain: $410, N/A, 2019-20 price

Snow Ridge: $299, 4/30, advertises unclear “reciprocal programs” at partner resorts

Song Mountain: $469, 4/17, unlimited access to Labrador

Swain Ski Center: $499, 11/1/19, 2019-20 price

Thunder Ridge: $519, N/A, 2019-20 price

Titus: $499, N/A, 3 days Whiteface and Gore, plus “2 more” - unclear what this means

Toggenburg: $350, 4/30, also see Greekenburg pass above

Victor Constant Ski Area: $333, N/A, 2019-20 price

West: $499, 4/30

Whiteface: $759, 8/12, PP, unlimited Belleayre, Gore; see NY Ski3 Pass above

Willard Mountain: $326, 6/15           

Windham: $949, 4/30, don’t buy this – see below

Windham Ultra Pass: $1099, 4/30, includes Ikon Base Pass

Woods Valley: $425, N/A


Bear Creek: $349, 9/30          

Big Boulder: $599, N/A, PP, see Epic Northeast Value Pass above

Blue Knob: $299, 4/30           

Blue Mountain: $429, 4/30, PP    

Boyce Park: $281, 12/1, Resident pass $225 – unclear if this is for 20/21

Camelback: $599, N/A          

Elk: $795, 10/14        

Hidden Valley: $483, 6/15, 1 day Seven Springs, Laurel, Wisp, Wintergreen; also see Highlands Pass above

Jack Frost: $599, N/A, PP, see Epic Northeast Value Pass above

Laurel Mountain: $483, 6/15, 1 day Seven Springs, Hidden Valley, Wisp, Wintergreen; also see Highlands Pass above

Liberty: $599, PP, see Epic Northeast Value Pass above

Montage: $299, N/A, pass link not currently working

Mount Pleasant: $300, N/A   

Roundtop: $599, N/A, PP, see Epic Northeast Value Pass above

Sawmill: $349, 10/19/19, 2019-20 price

Seven Springs: $613, 5/15, 1 day Hidden Valley, Laurel, Wisp, Wintergreen; also see Highlands Pass above

Shawnee: $419, 12/1/19, 2019-20 price

Ski Big Bear: $300, 11/2       

Spring Mountain: $350, 5/31, PP      

Tussey Mountain: $469, 11/19          

Whitetail: $599, N/A, PP, see Epic Northeast Value Pass above


Yawgoo: $349, 5/1, 3 days Arizona Snowbowl, Black N.H., Bolton Valley, Buck Hill, Crystal, Dartmouth Skiway, Eaglecrest, Granite Gorge, Greek Peak, Hesperus, Homewood, Lost Valley, Magic Vt., McIntyre, Nordic Valley, Pajarito Mountain, Plattekill, Purgatory, Sipapu, Ski Cooper, Sunlight, Toggenburg, Whaleback


Ascutney: $100, N/A, 2019-20 price

Bolton Valley: $549, 4/27, PP

Brattleboro Ski Hill: $75, N/A          

Bromley: $925, 5/15, PP       

Burke: $639, 6/8, Up to $100 credit for 2019-20 passholders

Cochran’s: $195, N/A

Jay Peak: $729, 6/8, PP, 2 days at Saddleback

Killington: $999, 6/30

Killington – Beast 365: $1349, 6/30, PP, Includes Ikon Base Pass

Mad River Glen: $749, 4/15  

Magic: $539, 6/15, PP, Indy Pass add-on will be available 9/1 for $129

Middlebury: $455, N/A         

Mount Snow: $729, N/A, PP, Epic Local Pass access

Northeast Slopes: $150, N/A 

Okemo: $729, N/A, PP, Epic Local Pass access

Pico: $439, 6/11, PP  

Quechee: $420, N/A, 2019-20 price

Smuggler’s Notch: $549, 5/25, PP    

Stowe: $979, N/A, PP, Epic Pass access

Stratton: $999*, 5/27, PP, *$799 renewal price; Ikon Pass access

Sugarbush: $999*, 5/27, PP, *$799 renewal price; Ikon Pass access

Suicide Six: $599, N/A, 2019-20 price

I could not identify season pass prices for the following ski areas, most of which are simple ropetow operations at larger municipal parks or are part of an all-inclusive resort experience at which skiing is one of many things to do alongside activities such as horseback riding and ice skating.

Pennsylvania: Mystic Mountain

New Jersey: Big Snow (click here to see why they don’t offer a season pass)

New York: Dynamite Hill (skiing is free), Holimont (only open to the public on weekdays), Indian Lake Town Ski Hill (skiing is free), Mt. Pisgah (appears to only sell day tickets), Ridin Hy Ranch (variety resort with skiing as one of many activities), Rocking Horse Ranch (variety resort with skiing as one of many activities), Schroon Lake Ski Tow, Val Bialis Ski Center (does not appear to have opened last season), Villa Roma Resort (variety resort with skiing as one of many activities)

Vermont: Bellows Falls Ropetow (some evidence it may have operated for 2019/20), Hard’ack Hill, Harrington Hill, Lyndon Outing Club (day tickets only), Twin Farms (resort with skiing as one of many activities)

New Hampshire: Veteran’s Memorial Ski Area (day tickets only)

Maine: Baker Mt. Ski Tow Club, Powderhouse Hill (day tickets only), Spruce Mountain Ski Club (day tickets only)


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