Here Are the Prices of Every Ski Season Pass in America

Plus reciprocal days, pass protection info, and multi-pass add-ons


Last year, I started documenting ski season pass prices across the Northeast. This was mostly an exercise to track Covid protection policies. But, as the pass landscape rapidly evolved, I began including other information as well: payment plans, early-bird deadlines, pass partnerships, reciprocal deals.

Last month, I discovered Ski Cooper, Colorado’s incredible season pass: $299, with dozens of parter resorts where passholders could cash in three anytime lift tickets. It made me wonder what else was out there.

So I expanded the chart to include every ski area in America. Here you go:

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A few notes:

  • I’m sure I missed a few ski areas. If you notice one I missed, please let me know, and I’ll add it.

  • I included every ski area, even little municipal bumps that don’t offer season passes. My hope is that this will eventually become a complete inventory of every active ski area in the United States.

  • All prices are for adult, no-blackout passes. Most ski areas offer a range of passes, from child to senior to young adult, with many demographics in-between. There are often midweek, blackout, or nights-only options. Since every mountain defines these categories differently, it would be too unwieldy to document every one. But in just about every case, the adult full-access pass is the most reliable baseline for gauging a resort’s approach to pass pricing in general, even if the age range used to define “adult” varies somewhat from ski area to ski area. To view a ski area’s full pass offering, click on the resort name in the left-most column - in most cases, that will take you directly to their season pass page.

  • For mountains whose season pass is a megapass, I have pointed to the lowest-tier pass that offers no-blackout access as that mountain’s season pass. Since the $479 Epic Northeast Value Pass is the no-blackout season pass at Wildcat, that is listed as its season pass, even though that ski area is also unlimited on the Epic Local and full Epic Pass. Mount Snow, however, has blackouts on the Northeast Value Pass, so I list its season pass as the $583 Epic Local Pass, which is the lowest tier pass that provides no-blackout access to that mountain.

  • This chart is a huge pain in the ass. It’s mostly a reference document I made for myself, so don’t expect it to be updated every minute. My goal is to update prices as clearly defined deadlines pass, and go through the rest of it once a month. Or so. I’ll update it until December and then likely pause until spring passes start popping up around President’s weekend.

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