Podcast #71: Vail Resorts Executive Chairperson of the Board Rob KatzListen now (97 min) | “The people who ski all of our resorts … need to feel like they are getting a good experience, and if they don’t, then our company is not successful.”
Podcast #70: Timberline Lodge, Oregon President and Area Operator Jeff KohnstammListen now (87 min) | The family-owned past and enormous future of America’s tallest ski area
A four- or six-place detachable could replace Vail’s most frustrating lift
Podcast #69: Hickory Ski Center, New York Shareholders Corporation President David CronheimListen now (67 min) | "We had to come up with a model to harness the enthusiasm that surrounded the mountain"
And also stop paying employees in onions and potatoes
“Rob changed a company, changed a business practice, added a product, he changed an entire business model, and an industry along with it.”
Podcast #68: Inter-Mtn. Enterprises President and CEO Leah Muirhead MacDonaldListen now (89 min) | Company behind Berkshire East and Bousquet trailmaps builds all the ski-area stuff you never think about
Skiing proves resilient as investment ramps up, the outdoors boom, and the resort-and-pass shuffle resumes
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